Counter Surveillance & Debugging

What are technical surveillance countermeasures?

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM), also known as a “debugging” sweep or electronic surveillance sweep, is a highly-specialized service that detects the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones or “bugs.” The goal of a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure is to identify existing security breaches and/or potential weaknesses in technical and communications security and to recommend corrective action to neutralize the risks.

What we offer
Using specialised equipment, well trained and experienced technicians we offer full debugging sweeps of offices, homes and vehicles. Our services are available to government and private individuals. Each sweep consists of the following.

Counter surveillance sweep for any transmitting devices
Verifying of hostel and friendly signals
Physical inspection for none transmitting devices when needed
Basic security assessment
Full email report on completion
Why choose us?
Professional industry leading equipment
Highly experienced technicians
Services available day or night
Services available throughout Africa
Security assessments
Debugging of cars, offices and homes
Discreet and reliable.

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