Not everything that glitters is gold
Spy Shop is South Africa’s leading surveillance and counter surveillance store. Established in 1993 as the first store of it’s kind in South Africa. Specialising in advanced audio recording equipment as well as cameras and GPS tracking solutions. Our product range is carefully curated to make sure every product we sell is high quality and reliable.

The large majority of hidden spy cameras currently on the market are cheaply made and unreliable. Some devices don't even make the trip home from the store but there are a lot of great devices from some very reliable manufacturers. It can be difficult to track down and sort out the good from the bad. We pride ourselves on finding and selling only the best and most reliable equipment. With thorough testing and a direct line of communication with manufactures we can confidently supply surveillance equipment that is not only reliable and good quality but equipment that is truly good value for money.     

About us
Established in 1993 as the first store of it's kind in South Africa. Spy shop has gone on to provide equipment and services to many Film studios, businesses, government agencies and of course the general public. With years of knowledge and experience we will provide you with only the best tried and tested products available on the market. Everything we stock has gone through vigorous testing and quality control to make sure only the best products are sold at any time. If a product is deemed unreliable it will not go on sale in our store and if an unreliable product slips through it will be removed permanently.

Spy shop operates throughout Africa. Providing services and products to government agencies and private individuals. We offer extensive maintenance and training plans for many of our products as well as highly trained field agents who are available for presentations, installations and assessments. Our in person negotiators are available quickly and are always ready to to help our clients find the best solutions and deals for their needs. We our proud to be one the primary suppliers for specialized security equipment in Africa.

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