Image, Video & Audio Enhancements


What are audio and video enhancements?

Video and audio enhancements are a way to clarify video or audio recorded evidence. As a scientific practice, forensic experts will enhance video or audio evidence while keeping preservation integrity as the top priority.

What we offer

Security CCTV footage, images enhancement.

Facial composites from images and videos.

Hollywood may not paint a realistic picture of what is truly possible with video and audio enhancements but the industry is rapidly changing all the time. The first thing we do is assess the overall quality of the audio or video sample before making the decision to move forward. If we believe that an enhancement is possible we will consult with with client and explain to what degree we think the footage or audio sample can be enhanced. There are many factors to consider when doing audio or video enhancements. What we offer is the following.

Audio enhancements

  • Audio restoration
  • Volume correction
  • Trimming
  • Noise reduction
  • Voice extraction
  • General enhancements

Video enhancements

  • Video restoration
  • Up-scaling
  • Trimming
  • Facial composites from video footage
  • AI Video enhancements
  • General enhancements such as brightness and contrast

vidoe enhancements

Image enhancements

  • Image restoration
  • Up-scaling
  • Geo data extraction
  • Facial composites from blurry images
  • Verifying of fake images
  • General enhancements such as brightness and contrast
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