UHF Audio Transmitter (BUG)

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The UHF Audio Bug is a basic surveillance tool, featuring clear sound, a short antenna and small size. The transmitter has a built in rechargeable lithium battery which provides up to sixteen hours of listening. This small UHF transmitter has a good range with decent building penetration.

Frequency Range: UHF / Fixed Frequency Point
Transmit Range: 200 Meters in built up area / 1000 Meters in an open area
Sensitivity: 12dB / 50 Square Meters
Antenna: Receiver Rod Antenna 270mm / Transmitter Soft Antenna Max 90mm
Battery Type: High Capacity Lithium Batteries
Battery Life: Receiver 36 hours / Transmitter 16 Hours Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.1A to 5VDC 300mA
Colour: Black
Material: Plastic
Size and design may vary slightly