Standard USB Audio Recorder

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This affordable mini USB Key chain Digital Voice Recorder is a combined Memory Stick and Covert Voice Recorder, capable of storing  2GB of information. Even under close examination there is absolutely nothing to see, but the USB Key chain Digital Voice Recorder will in fact capture crystal clear audio over a 4 meter radius and store the recordings onto it's 40 hour internal flash memory. Made in a beautiful brushed silver design, this USB Key chain Digital Voice Recorder can simply be carried on a set of keys and used to actually carry data and files around just like an ordinary memory stick but it's real talents lie in its ability to capture those important meetings, interviews, dictation or verbal slander within seconds.

Over 5 hours of battery life
2GB storage which can store up to 40 hours audio
USB rechargeable
4 meter recording radius
Includes key chain
Completely covert