TP-10 Voice and telephone recorder

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Reliable and secure. Record high quality audio and keep it secure with built in password protection using the built in hardware keys. For personal use or basic surveillance. The added privacy of this device is a great feature for anyone. Features also include voice activated recording and audio playback.  Other than standard audio recordings this unit is fully capable of recording land line phone calls using the including telephone adapter. Please note that telephone recording features will only work with analogue lines.

Battery: Life Approx 12 hrs    
Long Play Mode: With Long Play Mode
Headphone Jack: With Headphone Jack
Built in Memory: 8 GB
Design: Hand held
Max Recording Time: 142.5 hrs
Recording Media: Digital
Type: Voice Recorder
Other Features: MP3, WMA File Format

Package contents:
1x Audio recorder with built in microphone and speakers
1x Telephone line adapter
1x Auxiliary cable
1x External microphone