Hidden Spy Earpiece Reciever and Transmitter

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A tiny earpiece that is almost undetectable is placed in the ear and can then receive audio sent from a transmitter up to 150m away. A true piece of spy kit with hundreds of applications. This unit is perfect for relaying information to field agents covertly.

Completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece
Virtually undetectable earbud
Discreet receiver inside wallet
Uses walkie talkie for remote transmission
Power Supply Walkie talkie: Rechargeable battery (included)
Power Supply Wallet Receiver: 5x AAA batteries(not included)
Power Supply Earbud: sr416sw battery (not included)
Power Supply Walkie talkie: Built-in battery
Transmission Distance Earbud to Wallet: 140mm
Transmission Distance Walkie Talkie to Wallet: 150m
Wallet transmitter:
ON/OFF switch
Frequency switch (channel 5 or 15)
Walkie talkie:
Push to talk button
ON/OFF/volume knob
MIC/Earphone jack
Monitor button
Antenna port
Working temperature: -5 to 45 Celsius
-Wallet: 120mm x 95mm x 19mm
-Earbud: 7.9mm Diameter x 12.7mm
-Walkie Talkie: 114mm x 57mm x 32mm
Charger input power: 110 - 220V
Product Notes:
We are not responsible for the misuse of this product. The customer takes full responsibility for any unlawfully acts committed while using this product.
For best results place wallet in top shirt pocket.
Package Including:
1 * Walkie-talkie
1 * Earbud
1 * Wallet Receiver
1 * Antenna
1 * AC charger