GSM/3G Security Spy Camera

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This is a 3G/GSM dual network camera. View in real-time from anywhere in the world with any phone that has a video calling function. The built in infra-red LED’s allow you to see what is going on day or night. The camera can also be set to send you a message when motion is detected. This unit has a high resolution 3MP CMOS camera that gives you the clarity you need when you need it. This camera can be used to monitor children, workers, holiday homes and offices.

* Supports WCDMA 3G networks
* Records onto a micro SD card if you don’t want to view
in real time     
* Sends alarm messages by SMS, video call or voice call
* Remote control to arm/disarm simply via SMS
* Live Monitoring via 3G video calls
* Built-in Motion Detection and Night Vision features
* Real-time wireless video monitoring
* Physical remote control to activate and deactivate the
* Built-in battery for 24 hours stand by
* 3.0 mega pixel CMOS camera
* Completely wireless system that is easy to setup and
* Door sensor that will trigger the unit and send you a