WiFi Alarm Security System - Conch

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WIFI Plug & play alarm system

  • Easy to install;
  • WIFI transmission with fast speed, no extra fee's;
  • 90dB siren up to 300s alarm duration;
  • 40pcs sensors & 10pcs remote control;
  • Three color LEDs light up for arming, disarming, alarming;
  • The all-in-one mobile apps allow users to remotely control the system anytime, anywhere; Entry & exit delay;
  • Two-hour back-up battery;
  • Multiple users & device management;
  • You can easily take it with you when traveling and install it in the hotel room or caravan in only five minutes;
  • FHSS Technology.  

The kit consists of:

  1. Wireless WiFI alarms system with siren - 1 psc.
  2. SS-P01 PIR& door/window sensor - 1psc
  3. Remote control - 1 psc. Plug- 1 pcs.