Alarm Security System - N8

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Wifi Alarm and camera system.

Keep Your Eye on your family & home or business from your phone. 

Watch live video from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
SIM Card Required
Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit into unit, download the app from App Store or Google Play, remotely control the system at your fingertips via text messages or app commands.

Totally Wireless,
DIY Installation

24 Hours


Immediate SMS
Alerts for Low Battery

5 Hours Battery

Add up to
50pcs Sensors

50 Wirless
Customizable Zone

Crystal 1080P
HD Video

FHSS Frequency- Hopping
Spread Spectrum

1080P HD Camera
Crystal clear 1080P high quality video that captures every details.

150° Viewing Area
Max detection area can be expanded to 7 ~10 meters. More Safety.
While other normal camera's only have a 90° viewing area.
Night Vision
High-quality infrared Night. vision technology enables you to see in total darkness.

Two-way Talk
You can have a conversation with your family wherever you are. Say good night to your kids at night. Ask your parents if they are OK.
Stunning APP.

Slide the color block you will know immediately what happened at any time

Press and hold the button to have a two-way conversation.

Check live streaming video and make sure everyone you care for is safe.

Power-Off Protection
Built-in 2200mA rechargeable battery, protection for 5 hours after a power outage,

There is a push notification or SMS alert when power off or low battery.